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Building Bridges for Youth



Building Bridges started in 1994 and has transitioned from assisting refugee Hmong youth and their families to serving victims of domestic violence within

Hmong, Latinx, and other minority communities.

Our program offers lessons, activities, and mentors for middle and high school aged youth to provide education and prevention of domestic abuse and support for survivors

through a bicultural perspective.


We provide a safe space and sense of belonging, creating opportunities and experiences to help empower youth in the Eau Claire and Dunn County areas.


We bring together young people of various cultures who may have come from disrupted backgrounds to inspire them to become leaders who give back to their homes, schools, and communities.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please contact the program coordinator and/or our office!


This program offers opportunities for students to participate in after-school activities that will increase and promote academic excellence, healthy relationships and understanding of various domestic abuse issues such as gender-based violence and teen dating violence. 


We meet on Wednesdays from
4 pm to 6 pm at
the ECAHMAA building

1320 W. Clairemont Ave

Eau Claire, WI 54701

**Subject to change**

Building Bridges Banquet - Spring 2023

This is an annual event in celebration of the students' achievement and involvement in the program. 

Building Bridges Camping Retreat - Summer 2023

After going through the work of Building Bridges throughout the year, students are taken to a retreat to relax and enjoy the new friends that they have made along the way.

Contact Building Bridges

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Advocate: Justin Yang


Phone: 715-492-5756


1320 W. Clairemont Ave

Eau Claire, WI 54701

Phone: (715) 832-8420 ext. 111

Fax: (715) 832-0612


Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm

Friday 11am-5pm

24Hr Crisis/After Hours Interpretation: 

(715) 864-6331


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