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Ntuj Tshiab Support Group

Healing through arts & crafts

The Ntuj Tshiab Support Group is a safe space for victims and survivors to come and heal together through art therapy. Rides are provided for anyone who does not have access to transportation. Each in-person group session includes an art project and the materials needed for it, light refreshments and a mini workshop. Workshops help educate group members about safety planning, healthy relationships, self-love/self-care practices and useful resources and tools they need.

Group members come together to listen and share their stories to help uplift and empower one another. The group also helps advocates to prep and campaigned for the yearly "Be The Light" Event in April, where sexual assault is addressed in the community and how the community can help 'be the light' for our victims and survivors.

Support group meetings are every 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month

*Due to COVID, support group meetings are virtual until further notice

Please call or email either Mary or Koeai for more information.


Therapeutic Artwork

Due to the 2020 pandemic, support group meetings were virtual. Advocates deliver art packages to each group member's home and continued to meet every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month virtually while crafting their artwork.

Abstract Gradient

Pandemic Care Packages

2020 had been a difficult time for everyone due to the pandemic. With everything going on, advocates wanted to provide something for the support group members to encourage and enhance their self-care and self-love practices. 

Thanks to the WOMEN'S GIVING CIRCLE OF DUNN COUNTY GRANT, we were able to provide each of the support group members care packages. Each package included a small pre-packaged snack, a few self-care items and art items for art therapy. 

“I love the care packages because it makes me happy to receive things and it keeps me busy from thinking too much. I like that there are art stuff in there for me to do.” - NTSG Member

“I wish we could actually meet and go on outings but COVID made it hard for everyone. I do enjoy the care packages. It’s kind of like a fun getaway but while at home.” - NTSG Member


Safety Planning

Spirituality/Spiritual Healing

Healthy Relationships

Sexual Assault 101

Understanding Sexual Assault in the Hmong Community




Advocates hold workshops every support group session. These workshops help support group members.  

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