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2014 Hmong American Student Graduation Celebration

What an awesome event! Thank you to all the parents, the graduates and the local community leaders for taking the time out of your day to join us.

Dr. Chong Cha Her gave the keynote offering great advice for high school graduates. Dr. Her said, "high school graduation is not the end, it is just the beginning of your adventure" and that there are four types of graduates, those who graduated and get marry right away, those who graduated and decided to live off of mom and dad, those who graduated and go right into the work force, and those who graduated and go on to college. He encourages all of the students to be those who graduated high school and go on to college pointing out many good reasons on why post-secondary education is the key to success.

Tony Lor, a recent graduation of UW-Madison with a Major in Biology reflected on his college career and offer many important tips. One of which is "to party hard but work harder" emphasizing the importance of balancing a social life and a academic life.

Nounee Yang going to UW-Milwaukee and Foua Xiong going to UW-Eau Claire were both awared the 2014 Hmong American Student Scholarship and will be receiving $500 towards their tuition.

Keng Thao won the 2014 $500 scholarship drawing.

Nounee Yang also won a brand new touchscreen laptop. All the graduates won various prizes donated by local business.

A special thank you to Kohl’s Associates from volunteering at the graduation event.

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