We are here to empower people, advance cultures, and enhance to quality of life for Chippewa Valley low-income families. 


We believe given opportunities and support, every person can achieve their full potential.​


We value who we are and where we came from, and will work to reshape cultural practices to value and respect all members of our community.


We envision a socially, educationally, and economically just society for all communities in the Chippewa Valley to enjoy for current and future generations. 

Respect for Human Rights

We value our communities’ rights to choose, right to voice one’s opinions, and right to be free from violence and oppression.


We are professional and honest in our working relationships as we strive for equity, fairness and transparency.

October is Domestic Violence Month

We are starting October with #IAMBOF

Building Our Future: A Community Campaign

Building Our Future is a global community campaign supporting movement builders, advocates and organizers working to build strong, healthy, and violence-free Hmong families who thrive from generation to generation.

Support and show awareness by stopping in our office to pick up free purple ribbons!

Upcoming Events

Eau Claire
Hmong New Year
We apologize, due to COVID-19, The Hmong New Year is cancelled this year!

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Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

24Hr Crisis/After Hours Interpretation: 

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