"Dedicated to Helping One Another"


Why Volunteer at ECAHMAA?

When you volunteer at the ECAHMAA, you are giving back to your community while making a difference in the lives of youths and elders. Volunteer services at the ECAHMAA are flexible and we do our best to meet your availabilities. Volunteers placed in the Building Bridges for Hmong Youth Program often find their experience to be life changing and rewarding.  John T., a volunteer during the spring semester of 2009 wrote:


"This experience met my expectations in giving me a learning and fun experience. I got to spend quality one-on-one time with my mentee, helping him with his school work while still having the opportunity to have fun and learn about his culture. My fears of offending my mentee or his family were dealt with over time.  As we started to get to know each other better- which didn't take long at all. I was no longer afraid. He and his family were very inviting and accepting of having me in their house. I loved this experience. I learned a lot about the Hmong culture and as result, my experiences and perceptions of the world were broadened. This will really help me in terms of having an experience to draw from in my future education (May 2009)."


Areas of Volunteerism:

  • Board of Directors

  • Standing Non-Voting Committee Members

  • With Youths in Building Bridges

  • With Elders in the Kajsiab Project

  • Event planning and coordination (Annual Eau Claire Hmong New Year Celebration)

  • Grant Writing

  • Office and Clerical Assistance


Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Opportunity to work and network with area professionals

  • Giving back to YOUR community

  • Great resume builder

  • Make new friends

  • Learn skills to work with a diverse population


If you are interested in starting your volunteer experience, please contact 

Rebecca Vang @ office.manager@ecahmaa.org.