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Annual Hmong Fellowship Banquet


Held annually during Hmong Heritage Month in April, the Hmong Fellowship Banquet is an event aimed at fostering fellowship between the Hmong and non-Hmong communities in the Chippewa Valley.  Community members are invited to attend and learn about pressing issues in the Hmong community, new and upcoming initiatives that the Hmong community is working on and programs and services provided by the Eau Claire Area Hmong Mutual Assistance Association, Inc. and its partners and collaborators. 



Annual Eau Claire Hmong New Year Celebration


Families begin to prepare their best traditional Hmong outfits in July while clan leaders and community members meet to plan for this exciting event. Each November, the Chippewa Valley Hmong community gathers to celebrate the end of the harvest year and welcome in the New Year.  


Over the two-day weekend, the Hmong New Year (HNY) draws approximately 4,500 individuals. The Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center is especially busy during the noon hours as families begin to arrive for the cultural performances, talent competitions, traditional merchandise, and food. 


An assortment of merchandise booths fill one side of the facility, offering traditional Hmong clothes and jewelry, books, toys, and knick knacks.  Photos booths are ready to capture families in their best outfits against backdrops of rice fields and bamboo.  Stop by one of the business booths to learn about goods and services available to families in the Chippewa Valley and beyond.


Come to the other side of the facility for a game of ball toss. Tennis balls are generally available by the front stage with a $1.00 refundable deposit or purchase your own handmade ball at one of the many merchandise booths. 


Arrive by 10am and join us in the Opening Ceremony where elected officials and local leaders help the Hmong community welcome the New Year with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a special opening entertainment. 


See our offical Hmong New Year page for additional information on this year's event. 


Hmong Culture & Tradition Learning Series


Qeej and Tshoob Kos (wedding ceremonies) classes are held every Sunday. To register for the next learning series, please fill out this enrollment form and return it to our office.


Qeej Class

Sundays 10am-12pm: Youth

Sundays 12pm-2pm: Adult

Instructor: Nao Cha Xiong


Tshoob Kos:

Class is completed. New class schedule will be updated at a later time

Instructor: Chao Xiong

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