Interpretation and Translation Services


Notice of Rate Changes Effective February 1st of 2020: The interpretation rates below are currently being modified to reflect the market rates and agency's expenses. 
Face to Face Interpretations:

Simply request an interpreter via phone call to our office at (715) 832-8420 or the 24 Hr. phone line at (715) 864-6331 (if it's after hours) to schedule an interpreter for your appointment(s).  Fees and mileage are charged from door to door with mileage using the shortest route possible. 

Fees are charged as follows:

Regular Appointments Scheduled (2 weeks+ in advance notice) 

  • Monday-Friday 8am-5pm ($46/hr)

  • Appointments scheduled after business hours (5pm-8am), during weekends and holidays ($50/hr)


Urgent Appointments Scheduled During Regular Business Hours (less then 2 weeks advance notice) 

  • Monday-Friday 5pm-8am ($55/hr)

  • Urgent appointments scheduled after business hours (5pm-8am), during weekends and holidays ($60/hr.)


Emergency appointments provided during regular business hours (less then 48 hours of notice)

  • Monday-Friday 5pm-8am ($60/hr)

  • Emergency appointments provided after business hours (5pm-8am), during weekends and holidays ($65/hr)


Day Appointments

  • Half–Day: Maximum of 4 hours when scheduled 3 + weeks in advance ($160)

  • Whole-Day: Maximum of 8 hours when scheduled 3 + weeks in advance ($350)



  • Monday-Friday 8am-5pm ($45/hr)

  • Monday-Friday 5pm-8am, weekends, and Holidays ($50/hr)

  • Charge by units at 15 minutes per unit. 1 unit minimum per phone interpretation at $11.25 per unit.


Mileage Reimbursement

There is a $0.51 per mile round trip charge for services provided outside of our office at the location of the appointment.


*These are non-contractual rates; please contact Vincent Xiong at if you have an on-going need for Hmong language  interpreters.


Translation services are provided for the written translation of documents from English to Hmong or from Hmong to English. Translation of written materials is a lengthy process requiring time and attention to detail. Please plan ahead accordingly and allow sufficient time for your document to be translated.


  • Your materials translated from English to Hmong is $.45/word

  • Your materials translated from Hmong to English is $.45/word


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